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Basic information on guestrooms
Hotel Emisia Sapporo features 512 guestrooms. With many types of rooms available, we hope to meet the needs of our guests.
Reservation hours
On-line reservations from website:24 hours/all year round
Reservations by phone:9:00 AM - 6:00 PM/all year round
Check-in: 3:00 PM -
Check-out: - 11:00 AM
For an extension of check-in/check-out time, please contact the front desk in advance.
Parking lot
  • Basic charge for 30 minutes
200 JPY
  • Discount rate for using hotel facilities;
    Restaurants, bar, and beauty salon for Up to 2 hours
200 JPY
  • Meeting, banquet, wedding, SPA ALPA
200 JPY
  • Overnight stay/night
1,200 JPY / stay
  • Car parking only from 9:00 PM - 9:00 AM
2,000 JPY
  • Additional charge for every 30 minutes
200 JPY
Breakfast information
Hotel Emisia Sapporo's healthy buffet breakfast.
Start a day full of enrichment and happiness at Hotel Emisia Sapporo
Anyone from young children to elderly people can enjoy the wide variety of delicious cuisines. Most of our dishes are prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients produced in Hokkaido.
More than 20 dishes using fresh vegetables grown in Hokkaido along with other cooked dishes are served. For example, the "Egg station" serves eggs in various styles of your choice. Delicious croissants are made by folding dough in many layers, and steamed rice called "Nanatsuboshi" is produced in Naganuma Town. Many more are also available.
We offer many value accommodation plans which come with breakfast. In case your plan does not include breakfast, you make advance reservations for breakfast at the front desk and have breakfast for 1,800 JPY. For more details, contact the front desk.