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Banquet & Meeting

2F Pastel
Colorfully painted with Hokkaido flower, this medium-sized room is a perfect venue for festive occasions such as reception and banquet.

2F Palette
A medium-sized room with stately chandeliers recommended for every event and special occasions like meeting, seminar and exhibition.

2F Cosmos
This small size room is ideal for meeting purposes and could sit up to 20 guests, business table, waiting and staff room use.

3F Palace Ballroom
Our largest event hall, the Palace Ballroom, can accommodaate up to 900 guests for various large-scale occasions such as reeption, banquet, dinner, thiater and exhibition. Opening a dignified door in the beautifully illuminated foryer, you will find spacious room with 5.9m high ceiling.

3F Crown
This relaxed ambiance room is flexibly used for various occasions, intimate event, meeting, seminar, business table or waiting room.

3F Azalea / Cattleya / Pansy / Lilac
The small meeting rooms that is on the same floor, available in a variety of applications various subcommittees, distinguished guests, officers waiting room, and the Secretariat.

4F Symphony
Four multi-purpose gathering in natural sunlight.The venue can be divided into 4 equal parts, each accommodates 20 guests. 140 guests can fit when all parts are connected.

4F Matsu / Kiri
These are traditional Japanese style tatami-matt rooms. Table and chair setting is also available. The exquisite atmosphere is reccommended for international business dining.

31F Casa Bianca
Spacious, high-ceiling, elegantly set hall “Casa Biance” welcomes you on the top of the hotel. Enjoy heavenly moment with a backdrop of stunning views which changes the look of the day and night.