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Hotel Facility

Hotel Emisia Sapporo where smile and happiness overflow

Hotel Sapporo Emisia offers a comfortable and quality stay. The 32-floor high rise hotel stands as a symbolic tower of Sapporo's second city center. Visit us for an experience of tranquil repose, joy, serenity and spaciousness.
A pay phone
Pay phone is available on the first floor. *If you plan to make an international call, please ask for instructions at the front desk.
Location: Right next to the Chapel on the first floor
The number of pay phone: One only for domestic use(Not for international call)
Usable coins: 10 yen coins, 100 yen coins*NTT telephone cards are incompatible.
Notes: Town Page (NTT yellow pages) available/No changes are dispensed when 100 yen coins are used./Free emergency calls (Only for domestic use)